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hat makes a Reitnouer special? A rock solid design proven over millions of miles. Reitnouer aluminum trailers are bolted. With the exception of the rub rail, there's not a welded aluminum joint anywhere on a Reitnouer. Why? Because research and experience shows that when a heat treated aluminum alloy is welded, the intense heat required to weld the joint significantly reduces the aluminum's tensile strength. As a result, bolting makes Reitnouer flatbed trailers stronger and more durable.

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Bolted construction is just one of the features that makes a Reitnouer unique. Take a look at some of the features and innovations that make Reitnouer aluminum trailers a quality choice.

Aluminum Flatbeds
When size really matters, the Bigger Bubba is your ideal choice. The new flagship of the Reitnouer aluminum line has a GVWR* of 120,000 lbs and is rated at 72,000 lbs in a 4 foot section, 85,000 lbs in 10 feet, and 110,000 lbs over 48 feet. All of this at a weight of under 10,000 lbs in a 48'x102" trailer!

Big Bubba flatbed models boast a GVWR of 100,000 lbs and are rated at 70,000 lbs in 10 feet and 60,000 lbs in 4 feet! Not bad for a trailer that weighs an average of 3,000 lbs less than most steel trailers.

The MaxMiser flatbed has a 90,000 lb GVWR capacity, rated at 60,000 lbs in a 10 foot section, and a full 50,000 lbs in a 4 foot section. It's a great balance of weight, capacity, and price.

Reitnouer's lightest aluminum flatbed, the MaxLite carries a GVWR rating of 80,000 lbs, with a 50,000 lb rating in a 10 foot section, and a 45,000 lb. rating in a 4 foot section.

The Bigger Bubba and Big Bubba are also available in Multi-Axle configurations and Reitnouer offers B-Trains in a variety of styles.

Aluminum Dropdecks
Reitnouer also has Drop Deck models that offer the same hauling capacities as the MaxMiser, Big Bubba, and Bigger Bubba flatbeds, with a rear deck height of only 40 inches.

*GVWR=Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

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