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In 1982, Reitnouer introduced the first totally bolted aluminum flatbed trailer - an innovation that challenged the mindset of an entire industry. today, Reitnouer is the design of choice. While our basic philosophy hasn't changed, our products are continually evolving to meet your changing needs.

We offer our MaxMiser model - a 90,000 lb GVWR* heavyweight to meet most customers' everyday needs. The unique bolted design of the MaxMiser, combined with such innovative features as a solid one piece crossmember reinforced with an inner extrusion that actually adds reinforcement between the main beams, and our sliding tie down system with four standard (and a fifth optional) tracks to make sure you can chain at any location, offers a unique combination of price, weight savings and longevity to your purchase.

If the MaxMiser isn't big enough, Reitnouer offers the Big Bubba - a 100,000 lb GVWR model that continues to set the standard for heavyweights since its introduction in 1992. Big Bubba combines the superior strength for which Reitnouer is famous, with innovative weght saving features. The Big Bubba still weighs thousands less than any steel trailer even approaching Big Bubba's hauling capacity. Available with such options as an all aluminum bulkhead, aluminum logging pockets, super single tires, aluminum tool boxes and many, many more, the Reitnouer Big Bubba will continue to be the heavy duty, all aluminum trailer that all others are measured against.

Need even more capacity? The Bigger Bubba is your ideal choice - a 110,000 lb GVWR monster with bigger bones to handle the most outrageous jobs. The new flagship of the Reitnouer line of trailers, the Bigger Bubba continues the tradition of innovation, strength and durability.

For our weight watching customers who want high strength but don't haul heavy, concentrated loads, we have the MaxLite model - an 80,000 lb GVWR madel designed to maximize payload. It's the perfect choice for evenly distributed loads!

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